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Fred Wolf

Fred Wolf blends his passion for reading and his love of adventure in his first book for young people.

While growing up in the St. Louis region, Fred’s wanderlust drew him to travel through Europe alone at the age of seventeen. On one of his many mischievous escapades at home, he skipped school one day and hitchhiked to Chicago to see the boyhood home of legendary author Ernest Hemingway. When someone answered the door and invited him in for a peek, the literary flame was ignited in his heart!

In this tale of “Alexander the Good Dragon,” the pages come alive with real-life, down-to-earth characters who are caught up in mythical times and exciting adventures that draw the reader into an intriguing tale of darkness and light.

Enjoy the read!

Fred and his wife, Cindy, live in New Melle, Missouri.

Fred’s brother, Steve Wolf, an artist who works in the New York City area, provides the artwork behind Alexander the Good Dragon.

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